Ngadjuri Cultural Tour & Tastings

18 September 21 – 28 November 21
Wednesdays: 11am & 3:30pm
Saturday: 11am & 4:00pm
From $50 Per Person

Presenting a cultural heritage which far exceeds fine wine, food and European settlement, welcome to the land of the Ngadjuri.

Ngadjuri Elder and leading aboriginal tour guide will walk with you through the gardens and looking over the land, share stories, reveal a cultural landscape of thousands of years, through generations of ancestors. For aboriginal People Country is more than a map, it’s a mesh of the physical with the cultural and spiritual. Cultural heritage includes the physical objects created by people, as well as their stories, dances, art and songs; the environment, plants, animals, waterways, land; and the relationships between people, the environment, and culture. Together, they form a cultural landscape that encompasses and weaves together the natural and the human-made.

The experience will close with a tasting plate of native food, Barossa wine and chat. A delicious indigenous menu will be an option offered as an extended dinner or lunch experience, with matched wines and more time to share aboriginal knowledge, histories and explanations of what has been, what is and what will be. Experience a much older Barossa, a time of abundance and peace. Barossa Dreaming.

Let us take you on a journey...

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Be welcomed to the experience with a cup of native tea.

Head off to explore the land with leading tour guide and Ngadjuri Elder, Quenten Agius.

Enjoy a native inspired snack with a glass of wine

Why not add on a native inspired tasting menu to your experience!